Snowy Owl & Interlocking Pattern Charcuterie Board


Snowy Owl Double-Sided Cutting & Serving Board

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Double-Sided Cutting & Serving Board #003

A one of a kind beautiful masterpiece of patience and execution.

One side a Snowy Owl wood mosaic, the other side a geometric wood pattern. Sides of the board are framed with decorative dovetails. All corners have small silicone traction feet.

Features 4 different hardwoods.

Geometric side is a Japanese-inspired “Yosegi” pattern with beautiful figured Birchwood (to create the “shimmering” effect) and contrasting Black Walnut with blue swirling epoxy triangles. The flip side features a majestic (female) Snowy Owl flying in the night sky. The owl itself is made with hundreds of Oak and Birchwood tiles with a tiny amount of Yellowheart wood for the eyes. The night sky is Black Walnut with wavy “wind” Birchwood lines. All framed with decorative hand-cut rounded offset dovetails with contrasting black and white pinstripes of alternating Birch and Walnut, finger-grooves for holding and non-slip silicone feet.

It may look delicate, but this board is built to be an heirloom and will take years of beating and cutting if maintained well oiled and waxed. The mosaic, for example goes at least 1/4-inch deep into the board and each tile is secured with strong epoxy glue on all sides.

No added colors or stains. Finished and “seasoned” with 100% food-safe clear mineral oil and organic beeswax applied and reapplied twice daily over a period of 3 days to allow slow absorption and penetration into wood fibers. Please read online many of the great resources regarding care for wood cutting-boards. 

It’s a BIG one!

26” x 19” x 2”
25 lbs


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Dimensions 26 × 19 × 2 in