About Me
My name is Rey, you probably found out about this site through my Instagram account @home.charcuterie. I have been creating and experimenting with charcuterie at home for years. I live in Southern California. I was born and grew up in Latin America, my family is from Europe and still lives there (Spain & Germany). I visit often to enjoy charcuterie from the “Old World” and find inspiration for things I would love to create myself. I don’t consider myself a “master” of charcuterie, but how could anyone pass on such an awesome domain name: CharcuterieMaster.com, Right?! There are plenty of “real” professionals out there that live and breathe that title as an exciting profession. I on the other hand, am a guy that has been doing this for a long time as a hobby/obsession and I think I’m pretty good when it comes to making charcuterie at home and I enjoy sharing what I know about it. I don’t sell charcuterie or have a store, this is my nights and weekend hobby. I still have lots to learn and I keep on learning from all those ‘real’ professionals and other hobbyist out there that are kind enough to share some of their tips and tricks with me.



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