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Begin your exciting journey into home curing today with a simple getting-started guide.


This PDF booklet is intended for people NEW to curing meats and sausages that would like to start with zero experience. I cover two of the most popular charcuterie groups: dry sausages (salamis, chorizos…) and whole muscles (loin, bresaola, prosciutto…). It starts by covering the foundation concepts and techniques required to make different charcuterie and then walks you through making individual projects that will progressively build up in complexity from a basic salami all the way to a whole prosciutto! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions during your journey into curing meats!

Since most of the audience for this guide lives in the United States, one of the awesomest and also most litigious countries in the world, with likely the lowest per-capita rate of personal accountability of any nation, I am obliged to add a disclaimer.

You are about to embark on a journey beset by many dangers to your health and that of those around you, which may cause you harm and can leave you permanently injured or kill you and your family in horribly painful ways. You may (or may not) be taking advice here from me, someone with absolutely zero, none, zilch, nada, nil in terms of professional (or even remotely semiprofessional) accreditation, training or certifications in any food handling of any kind. By following (or not following) recommendations here, you and your close ones acknowledge that you are totally OK with dying a horrible painful death from making and eating basically raw meat products.